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Our Does have been carefully selected by us for sustainability, great mothering instincts, worm resistance and their ability to survive with minimal care. If you check out our does pedigrees you will find a great number of our does are "elderly". This is a testament for their ability to survive the elements, worming issues and illnesses. We have retained a number of offspring from our favorite does, so for an example of our kids please check out our does 2 page.

Click on any picture to see that goats pedigree.

NOW Kahlua And Cream

Kahlua is a doeling we raised and are so glad we retained her for our breeding program. This picture was taken while she was nursing triplets, all raised by her! She is a good mother, and an easy keeper. She is a doe out of our NOW Jazz. Just a testament to the kids we get out of JAZZ!!! She is bred to Infinity's Warrior Chief for April 2020 kids.

NOW Iman Oreo

Oreo was our first bottle baby we raised and she is our favorite goat!  (RETIRED)


Oreo 2 has been retired.

NOW What A Jewel

This is not a good picture of Jewel, but she is always in your face and it is very hard to get a good picture of her. She is an excellent mother and a very sweet girl. One of our favorites! She is possibly bred to  NOW The Big Easy(10826658) for March 2020 kids.

Miss Little League T267

Miss Little League (AKA "Little Red") has been  (RETIRED) 

Now Jazz

Jazz is an excellent producer of color. She has given us 100% colored kids and some of our best kids!  (RETIRED)

BHH RDTP Red Hot Mess

 Red Hot Mess is a great mom.She has given us twin spotted bucks and we can't wait to see what she produces this year! She is bred to NOW Jazzy Bolt of Lightning for April 2020 kids.