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Pictures of some of our 2016-2017 New Kids born here at C and E Boer Goats! Alot of these kids have been sold, especially the doelings, but we still have some bucklings for sale. Please see the SALES pages to see what is available for sale.


Perfectly Iced Cupcake X Rodeo Ready

Perfectly Iced Cupcake started off our kidding season 12/3/2016. She gave us this red and white paint buck and a black and white doe. We unfortunatly lost the little doeling. This buckling is really nice and we can't wait to see how he matures.

Caught Me Catnapping X Roedeo Ready

Caught Me Taking A Catnap is out of our former Kickin Summ Sass buck (a Cat In The Hat son). She kidded these nice twins, both are spotted headed. One doeling and one buckling on 12/6/2016.

Caught Me Eating Catnip X Rodeo Ready

Caught Me Eating Catnip is a twin to Catnap and also a granddaughter of Cat In The Hat. She surprised usas with these two colorful kids on 12/8/2016. The black and White is a buckling, the doeling is the tri-colored and we are retaining her for our breeding program.

Twinkie X Rodeo Ready

Twinkie had this adorable doeling on 12/9/2016. She was a little confused being a first time mom, so we ended up taking this one from her. She is now being raised by Mardi Gras! (On Hold- Rex & Gina F.)

Mardi Gras X Rodeo Ready

Mardi Gras had this black and white buckling in the cold of the morning 12/10/2016. It was 18 degrees outside when I found him and his sister. He was barely breathing and his sister was already gone. After a some warming  and colostrum he was up and going. Even though he had a rough start he is now doing great. His mom is being a great first time mom and took him and Twinkie's kid without hesitation. (He is on hold for Melissa C.)

Polka Dot Decor X Rodeo Ready

Polka Dot Decor had this big healthy single buckling on 12/12/2016.

Tootsie X Rodeo Ready

Tootsie had these twin bucklings on 12/28/2016. A black and white spotted paint and a red and white paint, both healthy and all boy!